Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Caricatures 2

These three were commissions, all from the same client. They are of her relatives and were purchased as gifts. The third one is based on a deliberately cheesy Christmas card that her sister and brother-in-law sent of themselves and their three pets with matching turtle necks.

Crime and Punishment Painting

One of my better paintings from Advanced. It's meant to represent a classic novel, but also be apparent to the viewer whether they've read it or not. I think it works as both an illustration and a painting. Oil on 18"x24" canvas.

Portrait - Frida Kahlo

This was my final assignment for Advanced Painting. Frida Kahlo has been a great influence on me, especially my last few years at art school. Finishing my art school career with her seemed fitting. Oil paint on 18"x24" canvas.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Freelance Commission Prices!

Now that things are calming down and I've successfully relocated to Tulsa, Oklahoma, I think it's time to officially open for business!

I offer quality artworks at what I believe to be fair prices, and those prices vary based on complexity and medium used. The rest of the blog's entries show great examples of my work.


 Base Price: $10, includes color and shipping
 Additional Characters: +$5 each, up to 5 characters per image

Character Drawings
 Base Price: $10 for a bust sketch, $20 for full-body, uncolored sketch
   Additional sketched characters: +$5, limit 3 per sketch
 Inked: $25 for full-body, inked drawing
  Additional inked characters: +$5, limit 3 per drawing
Colored: $35 for digitally colored full-body drawing, traditional coloring is currently not offered.
 Additional colored characters: +$10 each
Backgrounds are negotiable
You are not required to have these drawings shipped to you. If you simply want a high-res scan of your drawing, that is fine.

Character Designing
Because this is a process that requires a lot of experimentation and time to achieve the perfect result, this will be a contract job. It will be negotiated privately, but I expect to earn at least $10.00/hour doing this sort of work.

 These are dependent mainly on what media you choose for the finished product to be in. At the moment the options are digital, traditional on paper using artist-grade markers and colored pencils, and traditional on canvas using oil paints.
 Digital: Starts at $50, full color including background, at 8.5"X 11" and goes up based on size
 Traditional Oil Paint on Canvas: Starts at $120, full color including background, at 18"X 24" and goes up based on size. Please note that I DO NOT include frames. The client must have the piece framed themselves.

Shipping depends on the piece. Clients in the Tulsa area receive free shipping on all purchases excluding paintings!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Some Printmaking

I will be honest and say that Printmaking is very near to the bottom of artistic mediums that I enjoy, but since I have the technical knowledge and have done some successful pieces, I felt it best to show some of them from this last semester. I'll describe them each below.
"Subliminal" - stone lithography

"Tell Me I'm Pretty", Multi-matrix with Polyester Lithography and Copper Plate Intaglio

"Come On, Get Happy", Copper Plate Intaglio

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Character Rotation - Bit

Character rotations are a fascinating part of the design process, especially when one of the views requires leaving out the character's arm. They're also challenging, but in an enjoyable.

This is a character I created quite a while ago, and though it's not apparent here she's half alien and half human. She goes by "Bit" and works as a mechanic. If this was in color she'd have purple skin and poppy red hair.